Utility Warehouse
Address: Woodford Green, Greater London
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Utility Warehouse – The Discount Club.
Savings. Simplicity. Service.

Utility Warehouse, The Discount Club is a FTSE 250 British plc, with a UK based call centre.

As a company that doesn’t waste money on expensive advertising (which ultimately customers pay for), instead we rely on word of mouth and happy customers.

As an Independent Distributor for Utility Warehouse, I help residential and small to medium-sized businesses shrink their utility bills on essential services such as phone and broadband, mobile, gas and electricity, along with a unique Cashback card that provides further savings on food, petrol, clothing and other everyday items at over 2000 high street and online stores in the UK.

Along with the company’s aim to become the UK’s most trusted utility supplier, I am focused on providing excellent customer service to your referrals, with a company that is proud to have many Best Buy endorsements from Which? magazine.

One of my favourites parts of what I do, is helping hundreds of other partners who have joined the business, create an additional income with the flexible opportunity to have a bolt-on business that Utility Warehouse offers.

Business Website Address: http://www.maketheswitch.info
Business Phone Number: 07939 045538